OurLives Tutorial

Uploading Photos and Videos

Once registered, you can upload a maximum of 20 photos (the following formats are preferable; (jpg or jpeg) (bmp.) (tif or tiff) (.tga) (.png) and there is no limit to file size) and 5 videos, (videos are accepted in any format and are limited to 2 minutes and 10Mb), under your username. When you have uploaded your chosen file, you will be asked to submit a title for your image or film, and if you wish, a brief description. You will then need to decide the relevant category under which your submission is to appear; “Our People”, “Our Culture”, “Our Work”, “Our Environment” or “Our Lives in Motion”.

Once submitted and moderated, your photo or film will appear on the website for other users to view and comment on. It will also then be eligible for selection by our panel of judges to go through to the final shortlist of winners.

What are we looking for?

This year we are searching for photographs and short films that create snap shot of Britain in 2008. Each category has been specially selected to cover every aspect of modern day life and all its challenges.


Our People

We all love to people-watch, why not do it with a camera? Human expression has been a favourite subject of photographers for years, how have you captured the moment?

Our Culture

This category gives you the opportunity to define what culture means to you and celebrate the diversity of modern Britain.

Our Work

For most of us work is a huge part of our everyday lives so why not try and capture a shot that reflects your working life.

Our Environment

Environmental issues are a growing concern in today climate, so why not try and capture what challenges you think our environment faces.

Our Lives in Motion

Short films can really capture the essence of modern day Britain so why not send in a film no longer than two minutes that put into motion your interpretation of modern day life.

What We Don’t Want

As this competition is a photographic celebration of all that’s best in Britain we will exclude pictures of foreign places, nature and animals unless in context of the category chosen.

So, if you think you have what it takes, simply pick a category and good luck!

Also check out last year’s winner and finalists for some inspiration!

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